Decorating a home can be a daunting task for anyone – especially if you’ve just moved into a new place. With walls that may be completely blank or floor spaces that may not always fit all of your furniture, it can definitely become very time-consuming and tricky to pick what pieces will look good in your home. 


There are many questions you may have about how to decorate, what to buy, and the easiest or cheapest ways you can add to your house. Nest Home & Co. has the answers!


First, you’ll want to pick a theme – some people even pick a theme for each room. With your theme comes a color palette. You may also want to choose a few textures to use in your home as well. 


Wall Art


One of the most popular ways to add texture to your home is to buy wall art. This might sound strange at first, but many landscapes and even abstract paintings are done with acrylic paints that harden. This allows artists to create 3D paintings that add an extra spark of color and touch to your home. 


Nest Home & Co. offers affordable paintings and pieces of artwork that can stretch across even the blankest walls. 


Greenery & Sprays


Greenery and sprays are another great way to spruce up your space. But if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! Nest Home & Co. offers plenty of faux plants that offer an array of different colored leaves as well as shapes and sizes. 


Our most popular plant has been our faux olive tree. This beautiful piece adds a lovely burst of color to the corner of any room. 


Adding greenery and sprays to your home is a great way to bring a space to life because it brings the outdoors in. Using real plants can also have further benefits – they produce oxygen and therefore, can give your home a boost of freshness as well. 


Vases & Planters


And, if you choose to go with a theme of greenery and sprays, investing in a nice planter or vase – or set of vases and planters – can truly add that extra spark to your home and catch the eyes of your guests. It’s important to remember that items such as vases and faux plants can get expensive depending on style, brand, and size.


Still, a common mistake when picking out home decor such as vases, is that they can be a pricey brand but they may not actually be a quality piece. Next time you visit the home store, be sure to check areas such as the thickness of the vase, material, and even smaller details like the paint job.


When thinking about adding some new lighting to your home, you may want to consider the moods that each type of lighting will create. Bright, white lights are usually not ideal for places such as the living room or even bedrooms. Instead, using lights marked as “daylight” will help bring a nice feel to the cozy areas of your house. 

Candles & Candle Holders


However, a light source that some homeowners may not consider is candles and candle holders. These will add the perfect touch to a dinner party or even to the bathroom by the tub for your next spa night. Still, it’s smart to not rely on just one type of lighting alone; adding variety to your home furnishings is one of the best ways to maintain a sophisticated style while also keeping a soft, warm vibe to your space. 


While they can range in price, candles and candle holders can be found at almost every home store – including Nest Home & Co.! 


Another very common mistake when decorating your home is choosing the right colors. A neutral color like white or beige can be a base color to build off of for most home furnishing themes. Then pairing it with 2+ contrasting or complimentary colors is the best way to choose your color palette. 


For example, your new bedroom may feature crisp white sheets but your accent pillows may be a bright yellow and dark blue – your room could even feature shades of purple, allowing you to take advantage of complimentary and contrasting colors at the same time. 


It’s also important to remember your textures when decorating. It’s a great idea to pick a small number of textures and have those be your ‘go-to’ designs when decorating. Using too many textures can get confusing for new guests when they walk into a room. 


But this doesn’t just apply to bedsheets – use this concept in all areas of your home, whether you’re decorating by room or having one theme for your entire home. 


Tiered Shelves


One of the biggest home decorating trends of 2023, is tiered shelves. Items like this are definitely among some of the most useful home decorations. Much like artwork, these are a great way to take up wall space if you have a specifically large, open space and are not sure what you should do with it.  


But be careful, tiered shelves may be more expensive than artwork and also require decorating of their own. Luckily, things such as vases and foliage also look great on these shelves. 


When decorating a dining room requires a dining table, most people also prefer to add a coffee table to their living room as well. However, tables often look very blank without any centerpiece of decor added to them. 


A popular centerpiece for a table would be flowers or even candles. Some people even like to add placemats. If you really want to set yourself apart from other homes, try using a table runner in these areas of your home.


Table Runner


These are another popular way to add some textures to a room. Straw placemats or even a cotton table runner with a woven design could be all that you’re missing in these spaces. 




Lastly, if you’re dealing with a particularly small space, mirrors might be your new best friends. All sizes, but especially large mirrors can create an optical illusion that your room is up to twice the size it is. 


Always remember when decorating that it’s important to match colors correctly and to not overwhelm guests with intense patterns or even too many textures.


For more tips and tricks on how to best utilize your space and shop, or come to our Peoria location in Arizona!

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