Whether you’ve just moved into a new space or recently decided to spruce up an unused corner, wall décor is the perfect way to introduce character and charm into the blank spaces of your nest. However, it can be intimidating to try and fill an entire wall up at once. The Nest has created the perfect guide to help you showcase your home’s beautiful interior design.

Step 1: Picking a theme

With so many different décor styles, it can be complicated to know what theme to choose from for your home. The Nest Home & Co offers a wide selection of gorgeous, desert-modern home décor.

  • Wall Art Goes a Long Way
    Whether you’re standing it on a table or hanging it as a conversation piece, a painting can communicate your interior style to guests. It’s important to pick a piece that aligns with your theme. Furniture stores typically offer a wide variety of small and large paintings to add that extra flare to your home.
  • Mirrors = More Depth
    A mirror is a crucial part of a room – especially rooms with very little space. The reflection that a mirror creates can make your room look larger than it is! By adding a large mirror, you create the illusion that your room is that much bigger. Different styles of mirrors can communicate different themes to your guests.

A large full-body mirror will create the most depth in your home. These mirrors are best in smaller rooms such as the bedroom because of the power they have in creating the illusion of space. An assortment of smaller mirrors is great for areas such as the living room and even the front entrance to the house. These will add to the depth of the home without initially becoming distracting to the guest.

Step 2: Color Coordinating

Once you’ve picked your theme, it’s time to add colorful decorations. There are a few ways to go when deciding what colors to incorporate into your home. When thinking of what colors to add to your home, think back to your theme. For a desert-modern look, opt for a lot of neutrals then branch out and add pops of different colors to your wall.

  • Understanding Color Relationships
    Adding neutrals to your wall can also help add more depth to your space. Think of your wall as something that has a background and a foreground. Your background shouldn’t distract from your foreground. Otherwise, your home design can look unorganized, unplanned and even messy.

By adding mostly neutral colors to the background and a set of two or three contrasting colors in the foreground, you can add more depth and beauty to an otherwise plain wall.

Step 3: Putting it All Together

It’s easy to talk about creating an appealing wall in your home but putting one together is much different. Here are some key points to think about in the process of laying down some new leaves in your nest.

  • Big Things First
    Don’t get hung up on the little things just yet! Pieces like large mirrors, paintings, and tables are important aspects of filling up wall space. Furniture stores and even some antique dealers often have beautiful large decorations for your home. Consider your theme and the colors you chose. Whether you’re going for a neutral background or an eye-catching centerpiece, remember the theme you chose.
  • Creating the Foreground and Adding Final Touches
    Once you’ve gotten those large pieces, it’s time to add more color. Deciding what colors can be tricky but a great way to make your home pop is to choose two colors that contrast from each other.

Rust orange and dark blue are great color ideas because they pair perfectly with neutrals like browns, blacks, and whites. They also align with the desert-modern theme that The Nest Home & Co loves!

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