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Do you have a room in your home that is not as lively as you hoped it would be? Even after all that decorating you may find yourself staring at a room that’s missing something, but you can’t quite put your finger on it; that “it” factor everyone talks about so much. Whether you’re looking for a boho chic, modern, farmhouse, vintage, or luxury home decor feel, these Robyn’s Nest décor tips are easy ways to give your home that pop.

Liven up the Room with Plants & Terrariums

Just because you live in Arizona, does not mean your interior has to reflect a dry, deserted look. Bring some life to a Livingroom with bright pops of color by adding plants in the corners of rooms, on tabletops, or even hanging from the ceiling in some elegantly designed terrariums. Visually, by adding plants to the interior of your home, it’ll give the room a light, breathable feeling that can be quite refreshing.

Add a Personal Touch

Even when you’ve found some of the most stunning pieces of furniture to add to your home (most likely from Robyn’s Nest one could only assume… wink wink), there’s still that personal touch that takes your home from furniture on display in a magazine to a place you can call your own. Let your living room tell your guests more about yourself, other than that you have great taste in furniture. For example, if you love hiking some of our amazing Phoenix trails, try framing some trail maps or even photos of your favorite hikes and place them around your home. Not only does it add a personal touch, but it also is a great conversation starter!

Decorate with Books

Books are designed to catch your eye, so why not use that to your advantage to make your living room more exciting. By pairing books together that are similar in color, or even stacking books varying in size or contrasting colors will not only add a personal touch to the room but give the room a multi-dimensional feel. This is one of the easiest tricks that’ll make you look like a professional home decorator. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

Mix Different Design Styles

There’s not many times in our lives where someone has told you to throw that rule book out the window, but it’s time to take all those interior design rules you’ve learned over the years and toss them aside! Now this may sound crazy but think about it, you aren’t just one style, so why should your home be? Love vintage furniture and boho-chic accents, go for it! Have fun mixing and matching the different styles that make you unique, keep trying different combinations until you’ve found the one the reflects you and your family. At Robyn’s Nest we call this style “Transitional Design.”  Transitional style reflects a room’s meshing of modern and traditional elements. Really, we encourage combining two styles in one space to allow a cohesive design.

Your living room is the perfect place to express your personality so remember to take your time when you’re mixing and matching pieces and designs until you’ve translated your style to your home. These design tips will help you get started on breathing some life back into a room but as always, have fun with it because this is your home, the place where memories will be created. For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store in Peoria and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!


Robyn’s Nest of Peoria, Arizona delivers beauty, quality, and value to your home through our unique home furnishing and decorations.

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