Is your living room in dire need of a makeover? Are you unsure of how to begin? Fear not, dear friend! This article is just for you. Today, we’ll be discussing the appeal of your living room and ways to achieve it as we Nest for 2022. So, grab a cup of coffee and get cozy — let’s get started!

Let’s start off with why we love our living room. A living room is a place for relaxation, making memories, and spending time with family and friends. But most importantly, the living room is just that, a LIVING ROOM. It’s your place to feel comfortable, at peace and judged free to just live your beautiful life. We know you want it to be a special place and we are here to help you. Here are three tips for making your living room perfect for you.

First thing first, let’s do a “Does this bring me Joy” Marie Kondo clean-up. If you are not familiar with this decluttering style (and GREAT Netflix series), you hold the item and simply ask yourself “Does this bring me joy” if the answer is YES, you keep it. If you hesitate or say no, you donate it.

Now that we decluttered, let’s identify parts of the room that are dark and not helping you showcase your welcoming room. This is more than likely, the wall color. Especially if you recently bought your home or doing a restyle; you want your wall colors to be a blank canvas for your style. Having white or light walls gives you a foundation to add to with quality furniture and personal mementos. Plus the light color is so welcoming and calming verse a dark gloomy tone.

Speaking of walls, consider placing mirrors around in your living room so it feels larger. Also, remember, your house is not a showroom, we can’t stress this enough friend, you want it to be a place that represents you, your personality, your family, and your life. So, hang up pictures on the wall that remind you of happy times or inspire you in some way. These are great calming pieces and conversation starters.

Bonus tip: add plants to add a life element and candles to add your favorite scent

Now here is the hard truth about design trends as we go into 2022, but don’t worry, this is actually a good thing…

Unlike the not too long ago Farmhouse design style, LESS IS MORE! Yes, friend, you read that right. Place a few pieces of furniture in the living room to create more space and give it a cozy feel. Gone are the days of feeling like you have to have so much stuff to make a statement. Simplicity and clean open areas are the way to go.

That’s why we love transitional design style at the Nest, this allows us to grow with design styles while offering high-quality pieces that you would be proud to have in your home.

For more design tips and to learn more about designing your home, come talk to us at our store in Peoria, Arizona, 85383 area.

Nest Home & Co–Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!

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