We know the holidays are approaching so we want to share with you a few Holiday Hosting Tips the Robyn’s Nest team is often asked. So here it is…Holiday Entertaining, Minus the Stress: 10 tips that’ll help you relax and be a guest at your own holiday gathering.

  1. Decide on a game plan and give yourself some flexibility within those plans; allow for a little leeway in case things don’t go exactly as expected.
  2. Pick food options that will be okay when served at room temperature. This timesaver can gift you back a few minutes for last minute to-dos because we all know, things will popup.
  3. Using recipes that are tried and true can take some of the pressure off and your loved ones will be glad to have some of your favorite recipes. That being said, don’t be afraid to try something new, just do a trial run before the big day. We have so many cookbooks at Robyn’s Nest, you are sure to find something fun to try.
  4. Prep your serving dishes by making a plate plan. Decide what food items will be served in each server and what utensils will be designated for each dish. We have some amazing serving dishes for all personality types. We have some traditional serving platters and some super silly dishes that that will make you giggle.
  5. Make as many dishes as you can ahead of time. The less you have to worry about on the day of, the better!
  6. Use ice buckets and utilize other serving stations for alcoholic beverages. This will free up space in the refrigerator for leftovers later and can add to the décor.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, even assigning certain roles to those who want to contribute.  Asking friends and family to be in charge of drink stations or to replenish snacks when needed will take some of stress away from you. Plus, it’s the time of giving so put them to work (hahahaha).
  8. Serve using a buffet style with designated pathways, making it easy for traffic to move in and out of a space.
  9. If you’re wanting to dazzle guests, get special treats: We will have Sparking Divine Bakery (https://sparklingdivine.com/)and Katie Cakes (https://katiecakesbakery.wordpress.com/) at the store for our Seven Weeks of Christmas events. These bakeries have amazing baked goods that are sure to please even the pickiest guest.
  10. For last minute forgotten items, try using store delivery options instead of wasting time fighting the crowd. Or even store pickups like the Fry’s on Lake Pleasant and Happy Valley (by Robyn’s Nest) has curbside pickup that is a huge time saver.


We are so thankful to be part of the Peoria family and we THANK YOU for shopping local. Stop by and see the new Robyn’s Nest look and all the new products arrivals. We are proudly located south of Happy Valley Road and Lake Pleasant parkway.

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