Do you have a room that “just needs something” to make it perfect? Maybe it needs some color, or a touch of a gorgeous pattern, or something to soften the noise. Maybe it needs something that will define the space and pull the furniture into a visual whole.

That “something” just might be an area rug!

Area rugs can do any and all of these things in one simple step. If your living room, dining room or bedroom is mainly neutral tones, an area rug like Loloi II’s vintage style can add inviting splashes of color. Conversely, if your room already has plenty of color to delight the eye, a neutral area jute rug offers a soothing balance.

Area rugs also add warmth to cold tile floors or add texture, such as natural jute, to smooth wood floors, with the bonus of absorbing excess sounds from TVs or louder conversations. And they protect our floors from the scuffs, spills, and scratches of daily life.

Picking the right size of area rug goes a long way toward defining the space in a room and pulling it together. Rectangular rugs come in standard sizes of 6 by 9 feet, 8 by 10 feet, and 9 by 12 feet. You also can consider runners for halls and foyers, or order custom sizes when a room needs something more (or less!) than the standard.

You’ll measure the room, of course, because you want to leave some floor visible between the walls and the rug’s edge – at least six inches but not more than 18 inches. Smaller rooms look better with smaller amounts of floor showing; larger rooms can show larger amounts of floor.

The main thing to consider, though, when deciding a rug size is your furniture and its placement in the room.  In living rooms, choose a size so that at least the front legs of sofas and chairs rest on the rug. In dining rooms, have enough rug so that guests can slide their chairs out without moving off the rug. In bedrooms, make sure you can step onto a rug when you step out of bed. Runners along the sides of the bed are a cost-effective choice. A rug should be large enough to position the bottom two-thirds of the bed on it, or go even bigger with one that anchors the whole bed and nightstands.

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