6 Design Tips to Open up Small Rooms

You may find there’s a room in your home that you avoid because, well, you can’t quite put your finger on it but you just feel, claustrophobic. Well, before you head to your doctor you may want to consider the room décor as the culprit, causing it to look and feel smaller than it is. Even if that room is considerably smaller than the other rooms in your home, try these 5 interior design tips and tricks on how to expand a room.

  1. Don’t Rush.

Even if you feel like you’re in a rush to decorate a space … slow down.

You want your space to feel collected over time with multi-layers of texture and things that don’t look too matchy-matchy.

  1. Light Colors

Lighter colors, especially ones that resemble sunlight, not only open up a room but also brings a light, airy feel into the room. With that being said, don’t be afraid to use pops of color to spice up the room!

  1. Use Storage Hacks to Your Advantage

This one may seem obvious but there are numerous amounts of storage

hacks that can be used to keep the room neat and not so overbearing. One great tip is to place storage bins (fabric ones always add a nice design touch) under shelves to clear up clutter.

  1. Mirrors

This may be the oldest trick in the book but it’s also the easiest! Those decorative or full-length mirrors people place on their walls aren’t just for vanity. Placing mirrors around a room helps to give it the illusion of a larger room and a more spacious feeling.

  1. Multi-purpose Furniture

We live in a wonderful age where beds can fold up into walls and square stools unfold to make dining table sets, which can of course be used to your advantage. Another great option is to minimize the amount of furniture you need, for example, a corner desk could also make a great nightstand if it is place properly.

  1. Mount Lighting

Wall sconces aren’t just for a fancy appearance, although they do definitely heighten the class of any room. These are also a great option to get bulky lamps off the floor and clear up space on tabletops.

Remember, every room and every style is different so above all else, have fun decorating your home! Don’t take everything you hear or read about as a rule you can’t break, always try mixing things up and pull ideas from rooms you’ve seen that you’ve loved. For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!

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