Custom wall artwork with quotes are one of the few pieces of home decor that are not bound by the same size and shape limitations that functional furniture is confined by. Although a couch in the shape of a cow may look unique but chances are it wouldn’t be the most comfortable. You would be better off hanging a lovely custom farmhouse wood sign to accomplish a chic farmhouse vibe. By customizing the art you hang in your home, you will not only capture the decor style you were aiming for but you will also add a personal spark to your home. If you’re interested in placing personalized wall artwork with quotes in your home, consider our decor tips to help you get started.

Determining Shape & Size

Before you decide what to place on your wall, it’s important to first determine the shape and size of the decor piece. Nothing’s worse than having a great artwork piece in mind, then hanging it on your bedroom wall, only to find that it just doesn’t quite look right. The problem? More often than not, the issue turns out to be the dimensions of the requested custom artwork. A great rule of thumb is to keep the art consistent with the shape of the room. If your bedroom is long and has vaulted ceilings, then compliment that shape with a larger rectangle piece that will add height and length to the wall without dominating the entire section.


Making a Decision  

For some, the perfect design or quote may immediately come into mind, however if you’re still bouncing ideas around, we recommend

you start with the style of the room. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, upper west side design style, a simple, elegant piece would be what you’re looking for. For example, our farmhouse signs are handmade in a local wood shop and can be customized in ANY way for you and your family. Wood framing in dark

walnut, distressed black, distressed white, natural, or rustic gray stains will allow the custom wall artwork to fit nicely in your home. Once you’ve determined a direction for the artwork, the most important next step is to choose something that you will be happy to see every day; ask yourself, what makes you feel cheerful? Choose a quote from our selection or a family saying that brings positivity to your life and make your home a happy place.

Finding the Right Placement

Now that you have decided the artwork you want to add to your home, it’s time to properly hang it. A common mistake we see in homes is the misplacement of wall decor since it’s so easy to do. You can never go wrong with keeping your wall decor centered and even with the furniture in the room. We recommend measuring the open wall space before taking a stab at the placement. That’ll help you “pin the tail on the donkey” the first time and minimize the amount of nail holes you’ll be covering up later.

Our signs are made from hardwoods with the quality you can feel in the weight of the sign. Each sign is painted on birch hardwood and distressed for an aged, vintage look and sealed for lasting protection. Custom artwork is fun to hang in a gallery wall décor setup or even as a standalone statement piece. The trick to hanging the large piece it to keep it eye level. When a decorative wall piece is placed above or below eye level, you’ll find yourself straining your neck to read it or you’ll constantly get the feeling that something is out of place, and no one likes that feeling.

*Robyn’s Nest Helpful Hint: If you find that every time you walk into a room your eye is always drawn to the artwork on the wall, you may have misplaced it. Your room should feel even and consistent throughout to maintain a comfortable and inviting flow.

As always, at Robyn’s Nest, we invite you to take these tips to help you start a foundation then build upon it. We adore mixing it up and trying out different shapes, sizes, and design styles to create your own; we always encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to have your home represent you. For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store in Peoria and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!

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