Robyn’s Nest presents helpful tips to turn your lighting from a boring piece of furniture to a gorgeous design piece that compliments the room.

Lighting Tips That’ll Make You Look Like a Pro

When it comes to lighting, we can get so hung up (pun intended) on the functionality of the piece that we forget lighting can also be used as a stunning home decoration. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a box when it comes to lighting and overlook the opportunity to add some glamour to your home. Without the correct use of lighting, your home would look grey and dull; and no one wants that! Give those chandeliers a little more attention and you’ll be amazed how much of a difference it’ll make to your home when you give these Robyn’s Nest lighting tips a try.


Chandelier Measurements

Chandelier scaling is not common knowledge so this one can be difficult to judge. The good news, there are formulas to help guide you in the right direction. Let’s start with height; in general, you want to multiply the height of the room in feet by 2.5 – 3 to get the measurement in inches (so a 10 ft. room would have a 25-30 in. chandelier) to determine the length of a lighting fixture you should be looking for. Next, you’ll want to calculate the right diameter. Start by adding together the length and width of the room in feet, then change that to inches and you now have your diameter (so a 10’ by 15’ room would need a 25in lighting fixture in diameter).

Once you have the right size chandelier, it’s crucial to know how high to hang it. A good rule-of-thumb is to keep it at least 7 feet above the ground in common spaces, and 6 feet above a doorway in large open spaces like a hallway or foyer. However, use that as a starting point because you can actually use the height of a chandelier to manipulate the height a room. By hanging a chandelier a little above the average in a room with low ceilings you can give the room an elongated appearance.

Most homes in Peoria, Arizona have vaulted ceilings. Don’t let the height trick you, chandeliers or unique lighting most certainly has a place in vaulted ceilings. This is where you can be bold and hang a unique and large lighting! Large chandeliers bring the light to an average person’s level in a tall room and since they hold multiple bulbs, they add a lot of light. Therefore, chandeliers are a functional decoration to a room. As Robyn puts it, “lighting is to a room what jewelry is to the perfect outfit. Make your finishing touch pop, express your styles and have fun.”

Mixing Gold & Silver

or silver as an accent due to the common misconception that you can’t combine the two. However, it’s quite the contrary. Mixing the two colors is actually a great design trick that will add interest while giving your home that “collected over time” feel. So, have fun adding splashes of gold to your silver or vice versa to spark the light in your room to create your own unique look.

Now that we have the lighting down, let’s talk about how to make it shine. In many homes, people choose to use either gold

Lighting plays a huge role in your home and can make or break that gorgeous style you worked so hard to put together. So regardless if you love a boho-chic, farmhouse, or traditional look for your home, remember to give each and every piece attention; it’s the details that take your decorating from great to flawless. For more design tips and specific advice for your home, don’t be afraid to stop by our store in Peoria and ask our specialists some questions to get expert designer insight!

Robyn’s Nest – Creating your perfect nest to call home. Happy decorating!

P.S. A chandelier adds ambiance, style and of course, general lighting to a room, but selecting the right chandelier can be tricky. Stop by Robyn’s Nest today to explore our latest lighting collection and our design experts will help you find that perfect piece for your home.


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